Current Teaching: Monash University

Teaching within Anatomy and Developmental Biology

  1. BMS2011, Semester 1, Structure of the human body: An evolutionary and functional perspective

Modules: Head & Neck; Thoracic Viscera: Cardiovascular System; Thoracic Viscera: Respiratory System; Abdominal Viscera: Digestive Systems; Abdominal Viscera: Urinary Systems; Masterclass Evolution on Locomotion

  1.  RAD 1031, Semester 1, Radiographic Anatomy

Modules: Lower Limb: proximal bones, joints & muscles; Lower limb: distal muscles & neurovasculature

  1.  GMA1010, Semester 1&2, Foundations of Medical Practice

Modules: Pelvis osteology; Abdomen; Perineum, Pelvis viscera

  1. MED2031, Medicine

Modules: The nephron & posterior abdominal wall and kidneys

  1. MED1022, Semester 2, Theme III Medical Curriculum (317 students)

Modules: Overview of thoracic cage and spaces; cardiovascular system; Abdomen; clinical anatomy of knee & leg; ankle and foot on bipedalism; Lower Limb, Chest wall & diaphragm; cardiovascular systems; Back

 6. DEV2022, Semester 2, Human Anatomy and Development: tissues and body systems (441 students)

Modules: Anatomy of the skull; ontogeny of the skull

  1. DEV3990, Semester 2, Research action in anatomy and developmental biology (1 research student)

 2019- Present: Coordinator of the Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology Honours Programme.

 Past Teaching: The University of Queensland 2013-2017

Course Coordination

ANA1005-Anatomical Basis of Human Movement (2013-2017). This course is taught to >600 1st year, 2nd semester science, human movement and clinical students within (BESS, BExSS/BBusMan, BHSPE,      BAppSc(ExNutrit), BENS, BOccHlth&SafeSc, BHlthSc).

Teaching within Anatomy and Physiology Courses (2013-2017)

ANAT1005: Anatomical Basis for Human Movement

ANAT 1018-1020: Systematic and Applied Anatomy; This course is taught to ~300 1st year, 1st semester clinical students within (BOccThy students, BPhty, Study Abroad).

BIOM2020: Human Anatomy; This course is taught to between 400-500 2nd year, 1st semester Biomedical students.

BIOM3003: Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy; This course is taught to between 60-70 3rd year, 2nd semester Biomedical students.

ANIM2043: Biology of Australian Marsupials and Monotremes; This course is taught to between 60-70 1std year, 2nd semester Veterinary students.

BIOM1052: Integrated Anatomy and Physiology; This course is taught to between 100-200 science and clinical students (within BPharm, BOccHlth&SafeSc,BOHSSc(Hons) and BDentalSc(Hons))

Modules taught:

  • Oral Cavity and Teeth
  • Respiratory System
  • Upper Digestive System
  • Lower Digestive System
  • Urinary systems
  • Radiographic Anatomy
  • Male Reproductive System
  • Female Reproductive System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Lymphatic System
  • Principles of Locomotor Mechanics
  • Comparative Locomotor Mechanics
  • Animal Comparative Anatomy

    Monash University 2019

    BMS2011, Semester 1: 4.6/5 Median

    Honours ADB Programme: 5/5

    Monash University 2018

    BMS2011, Semester 1: 4.4/5 Median

    DEV2022, Semester 2: 4.7/5 Median

    GMA1010, Semester 1: 4.8/5 Median

     University of Queensland 2013-2017

    2017: 4.5/5 Mean

    2016: 4.6/5 Mean

    2015: 4.5/5 Mean

    2014: 4.2/5 Mean

    2013: 4.6/5 Mean

    2014-2017: Course coordination: 4.1/5.