University of Queensland

2015-Present: Anatomical Biosciences ABS, Animal Ethics Committee, Category B

2014-Present: School of Biomedical Sciences, workplace Senor First Aid (AFA) & Advanced Resuscitation (Oxy-viva & AED)

2013-Present: Member of the School of Biomedical Sciences Research for Higher Degree (RHD) Committee

2013-Present: Chair of PhD Milestone meetings (I chair ~4-5 Milestones  each year)

2013-Present: Member of the organising committee for the international postgraduate symposium of Biomedical Sciences held annually in the University of Queensland.

2013-Present: Honours Thesis Examiner (I examine ~ 4 thesis proposals and theses each year)


2017-2019: Invited Member of the Scientific Program Committee for the 12th International Congress of Vertebrate morphology, to be held in Prague, July 22nd – July 26th, 2019

2017-2018: Invited ordinary Member, Australian Mammal Society

2017: PhD Examiner, Monash University, Australia

2016-2019: Elected member of the International Society of Vertebrate Morphology (ISVM) Executive committee

2016: Chair of the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) Queensland Health and Medical Research Awards Subcommittee

2016-2017: Invited editor on a special issue at the Journal Zoology entitled Determinants of the mammalian feeding system design

2015:  Member of the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) Queensland Health and Medical Research Awards Subcommittee

2015: Elected Chair for the International Society of Vertebrate Morphology Nominating Committee.

2015- Present: Invitation to join the Review Editorial Board of Frontier in Biomechanics

2009-Present: Referee for peer reviewed publications

Journal of Anatomy, Journal of Biomechanics, Journal of Clinical Biomechanics, Journal of Human Evolution, Comptes Rendus Palevol, Journal of Zoology, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Journal of Theoretical Biology,  PLoS One, Archives of Oral Biology, Computer and Geosciences, Journal of Morphology, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, BioMed Research International, Animal, Royal Society Open Science, Biology Open (2009-Present)

2012: Grant reviewer Israel Science Foundation (ISF)

2017: Grant reviewer Einstein Foundation


2015- Present Research affiliate Rory Hensman Elephant Research Unit, South Africa